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Welcome to Track My Handicap!

Track My is the premiere online resource to post your golf scores, track your handicap, and organize your personal golf statistics to identify and improve your overall game... With our easy to use and intuitive interface, posting scores and tracking your handicap is easy for the beginner or the scratch golfer. Once you have posted (at least 5) scores, we will imediately and accurately calculate your handicap using the official USGA formula.

Track My Handicap is for everyone - whether you are a scratch golfer, or just starting out. With a real golf handicap, you will be able to measure your game to your friends and opponents, play in the same friendly or competitive matches, and finally beat your buddy that always beat you "straight up" before you got a handicap. You can enter local tournaments, company tournaments, or set up your own tournament with fellow Track My Handicap members using our Message Center.

  • Post your golf scores and track your handicap in one convenient place online.
  • Easy and intuitive interface makes entering information easy for the beginner to the scratch player.
  • Create and organize a list of your local and favorite courses.
  • Calculate your handicap using the official USGA formula.
  • Join an online community of users and share invaluable information about everything golf.
  • Email your handicap to tournament officials, or friends and family.

It's Free for the first 15 days!

When you join Track My Handicap, you get the first 15 days for FREE ! During this trial period, you can try and evalutate our service risk free. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your membership at any time, and you won't be charged a dime. After the trial period, if you choose to continue, do nothing, your membership will automatically continue for only $15/year. That's less than a round of golf !

Join our growing community of golfer's who have made Track My Handicap their online resource to post their scores, calculate their handicap, and improve their game.

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15 bucks/year

That's less than a round of golf !
Or a box of balls !!

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